BILL C-75 - An act to amend the criminal code

FULL TITLE:  An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act and other Acts and to make consequential amendments to other Acts

This bill was introduced in the 42nd Parliament, 1st session December 3, 2015 - Present

SPONSOR:  Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada - Introduced as a House Government Bill

SUMMARY:  This enactment amends the Criminal Code to, among other things,

(a) modernize and clarify interim release provisions to simplify the forms of release that may be imposed on an accused, incorporate a principle of restraint and require that particular attention be given to the circumstances of Aboriginal accused and accused from vulnerable populations when making interim release decisions, and provide more onerous interim release requirements for offences involving violence against an intimate partner;

(b) provide for a judicial referral hearing to deal with administration of justice offences involving a failure to comply with conditions of release or failure to appear as required;

(c) abolish peremptory challenges of jurors, modify the process of challenging a juror for cause so that a judge makes the determination of whether a ground of challenge is true, and allow a judge to direct that a juror stand by for reasons of maintaining public confidence in the administration of justice;

(d) increase the maximum term of imprisonment for repeat offences involving intimate partner violence and provide that abuse of an intimate partner is an aggravating factor on sentencing;

(e) restrict the availability of a preliminary inquiry to offences punishable by imprisonment for life and strengthen the justice’s powers to limit the issues explored and witnesses to be heard at the inquiry;

(f) hybridize most indictable offences punishable by a maximum penalty of 10 years or less, increase the default maximum penalty to two years less a day of imprisonment for summary conviction offences and extend the limitation period for summary conviction offences to 12 months;

(g) remove the requirement for judicial endorsement for the execution of certain out-of-province warrants and authorizations, expand judicial case management powers, allow receiving routine police evidence in writing, consolidate provisions relating to the powers of the Attorney General and allow increased use of technology to facilitate remote attendance by any person in a proceeding;

(h) allow the court to exempt an offender from the requirement to pay a victim surcharge if the offender satisfies the court that the payment would cause the offender undue hardship, provide the court with guidance as to what constitutes undue hardship, provide that a victim surcharge is to be paid for each offence, with an exception for certain administration of justice offences if the total amount of surcharges imposed on an offender for those types of offences would be disproportionate in the circumstances, require courts to provide reasons for granting any exception for certain administration of justice offences or any exemption from the requirement to pay a victim surcharge and clarify that the amendments described in this paragraph apply to any offender who is sentenced after the day on which they come into force, regardless of whether or not the offence was committed before that day; and

(i) remove passages and repeal provisions that have been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada, repeal section 159 of the Act and provide that no person shall be convicted of any historical offence of a sexual nature unless the act that constitutes the offence would constitute an offence under the Criminal Code if it were committed on the day on which the charge was laid.

The enactment also amends the Youth Criminal Justice Act in order to reduce delays within the youth criminal justice system and enhance the effectiveness of that system with respect to administration of justice offences.



  Introduction and First Reading Mar 29, 2018

            Chamber sitting: 278 Mar 29, 2018

  Second Reading and Referral to Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights Jun 11, 2018

Chamber sitting: 300 May 24, 2018

Chamber sitting: 308 Jun 5, 2018

Chamber sitting: 310 Jun 7, 2018

Chamber sitting: 312 Jun 11, 2018

  Adopted by Committee Oct 4, 2017

Meeting 103: Jun 19, 2018

Meeting 104: Sep 17, 2018

Meeting 105: Sep 18, 2018

Meeting 106: Sep 19, 2018

Meeting 107: Sep 24, 2018

Meeting 108: Sep 25, 2018

Meeting 109: Sep 26, 2018

Meeting 113: Oct 24, 2018

Meeting 114: Oct 29, 2018

Meeting 115: Oct 29, 2018


Families for Justice, appeared Sept 26, 2018

Sheri Arsenault, click here     

George Marrinier, click here

Transcript of testimony, click here

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, click here

Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association, click here

Canadian Bar Association, click here

Criminal Lawyers’ Association, click here

  Committee Reporting the Bill with Amendments

            Report 22 presented to the House Nov 2, 2018 - no Government response requested

Chamber sitting: 348 Nov 2, 2018

  Concurrence at Report Stage Nov 20, 2018

            Chamber sitting 352: Nov 8, 2018

            Chamber sitting 354: Nov 20, 2018

  Third Reading Dec 3, 2018

Chamber sitting 360: Nov 28, 2018

            Chamber sitting 363: Dec 3, 2018


  Introduction and First Reading Dec 3, 2018

            Chamber sitting 255: Dec 3, 2018


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