May 10, 2011 - CHARGES LAID IN PITT MEADOWS FATAL [Beckie & Johnny)

Charges have been laid in connection with a car crash that killed a young couple last year in Pitt Meadows.

Andelina Kristina Hecimovic faces two counts of dangerous driving causing death.

She made a first appearance in court on the charges Thursday and is scheduled to be in court June 1 for an arraignment hearing, during which the accused or defence counsel informs the court how they are going to plead and how they wish to proceed.

Rebecca 'Beckie' Dyer, 19, and her boyfriend, Johnny De Oliveira, 21, were killed around midnight Oct. 19 when a Toyota Paseo driven by Hecimovic heading east on Lougheed Highway skidded sideways over a concrete median near Harris Road.

The Toyota flipped over and slammed into the roof of the Suzuki Swift that Dyer and De Oliveira were travelling in.

Dyer and a friend had just been picked up by her boyfriend from a sold-out Justin Bieber concert in Vancouver.

They were returning home to Pitt Meadows after dropping off Dyer's friend in Maple Ridge.

They were only two blocks away from the apartment they shared with Dyer's mom, Debbie.

Investigators allege Hecimovic was driving aggressively when she crashed.

Dyer's best friends, Katie Charyna, Jamie Sumner and Katie Sheppard, continue to support her mother, visiting her weekly and talking with her regularly on the phone. They want the woman charged to face the maximum penalty, which includes prison time, and would like her to plead guilty to the charges instead of opting for a long trial.

"I think it's stupid that the woman still has a license and she is driving around right now," said Sheppard, who attended the Bieber concert with Dyer.

"We just want her to get the max."

Source: Maple Ridge News


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