Apr 15, 2013 - MADD / SADD 24 HOUR SPIN - THE FIRST 12 HOURS

The first spinners started at 4pm, Friday April 12th.

Our Families for Justice team for the first 12 hours consisted of Keltie Smith, Arlene Senft, Karen Lake, Ines Mourant, Holly Aubin, Joel Tyler, Ivanka, Jody Goodbrand, Ashley Novacaska, Marcie Novacaska, Priscilla Anderson, Mark Anderson, Katie Anderson, Aimee Arsenault, Maleena Carreiro, Presley Bendza, Delania Ramsey and Sydney Carreiro.

Candle Light Vigil to honor families & friends who haved lost a loved one or been affected by drinking & driving

Entertainment by Alf Willington
Families for Justice Petition table



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