An Act to amend the Criminal Code (offences relating to conveyances) and to make consequential amendments to other Acts

This bill was introduced in the 42nd Parliament, 1st session December 3, 2015 - Present


Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada - Introduced as a House Government Bill



Introduction and First Reading Apr13,2017

Second Reading and Referral to Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights May31, 2017

Chamber sitting: 181 May19, 2017

Chamber sitting 182: May29, 2017

Chamber sitting 184: May31, 2017

Adopted by Committee Oct 4, 2017

Meeting 61: Jun13, 2017

Meeting 62: Sep18, 2017

Meeting 63: Sep19, 2017

Meeting 64: Sep20, 2017

Meeting 65: Sep 25, 2017

Meeting 66: Sep27, 2017

Meeting 68: Oct 4, 2017


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Committee Reporting the Bill with Amendments

            Report 15 presented to the House Oct 16, 2017 - – no Government response requested

Concurrence at Report Stage Oct 25, 2017

            Chamber sitting 219: Oct 20, 2017

            Chamber sitting 221: Oct 24, 2017

            Chamber sitting 222: Oct 25, 2017

Third Reading Oct 31, 2017

            Chamber sitting 224: Oct 27, 2017

Chamber sitting 226: Oct 31, 2017


First Reading

            Chamber sitting 154: Nov 1, 2017

Second Reading

Chamber Sitting 156: Nov 7, 2017

Chamber Sitting 160: Nov 22, 2017

Chamber Sitting 161: Nov 23, 2017

Chamber Sitting 163: Nov 29, 2017

Chamber Sitting 166:  Dec 5, 2017

Chamber Sitting 169:  Dec 8, 2017

Chamber Sitting 173:  Dec 14, 2017

Referral to Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs Dec14, 2017

Committee Meeting: 83: Jan 31, 2018

Committee Meeting: 84: Feb 1, 2018

Committee Meeting: 85: Feb 7, 2018

Committee Meeting: 86: Feb 8, 2018

Committee Meeting: 87: Feb 14, 2018

Committee Meeting: 88: Feb15, 2018

Committee Meeting: 89: Feb 28, 2018

Committee Meeting: 90: Mar 01, 2018

Text of the Bill: Latest Publication


Part 1 amends the provisions of the Criminal Code that deal with offences and procedures relating to drug-impaired driving. Among other things, the amendments

(a) enact new criminal offences for driving with a blood drug concentration that is equal to or higher than the permitted concentration;

(b) authorize the Governor in Council to establish blood drug concentrations; and

(c) authorize peace officers who suspect a driver has a drug in their body to demand that the driver provide a sample of a bodily substance for analysis by drug screening equipment that is approved by the Attorney General of Canada.

Part 2 repeals the provisions of the Criminal Code that deal with offences and procedures relating to conveyances, including those provisions enacted by Part 1, and replaces them with provisions in a new Part of the Criminal Code that, among other things,

(a) re-enact and modernize offences and procedures relating to conveyances;

(b) authorize mandatory roadside screening for alcohol;

(c) establish the requirements to prove a person’s blood alcohol concentration; and

(d) increase certain maximum penalties and certain minimum fines.

Part 3 contains coordinating amendments and the coming into force provision.


Whereas dangerous driving and impaired driving injure or kill thousands of people in Canada every year;

Whereas dangerous driving and impaired driving are unacceptable at all times and in all circumstances;

Whereas it is important to deter persons from driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs;

Whereas it is important that law enforcement officers be better equipped to detect instances of alcohol-impaired or drug-impaired driving and exercise investigative powers in a manner that is consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

Whereas it is important to simplify the law relating to the proof of blood alcohol concentration;

Whereas it is important to protect the public from the dangers posed by consuming large quantities of alcohol immediately before driving;

Whereas it is important to deter persons from consuming alcohol or drugs after driving in circumstances where they have a reasonable expectation that they would be required to provide a sample of breath or blood;

Whereas it is important that federal and provincial laws work together to promote the safe operation of motor vehicles;

And whereas the Parliament of Canada is committed to deterring the commission of offences relating to the operation of conveyances, particularly dangerous driving and impaired driving;

Source: Parliament of Canada



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