Johnathan Pratt exiting the courthouse after being convicted of three counts of manslaughter in a fatal drunk driving crash in 2011. Pratt called the crash "the worst thing that could ever happen."

The man who was sentenced to eight years in prison for the impaired-driving deaths of three young men in Beaumont, Alta. in 2011 was denied parole Friday.

Johnathan Pratt was 30 years old when he was found guilty of three counts of manslaughter and impaired driving causing death after the truck he was driving crashed into a car, killing occupants Thaddeus Lake, 22, Kole Novak, 18, and Bradley Arsenault, 18.

During his 2014 trial, an RCMP collision expert testified that Pratt's pickup was travelling at 199 km/h just before it struck the car.

Pratt gave a statement at Friday's parole hearing but remained as unrepentant as he had throughout his trial, according to Sheri Arsenault, the mother of Bradley, who attended the hearing and spoke with CBC Edmonton afterward.

"He still did not apologize," Arsenault said.

"His reaction was pretty much the same as what we saw at the lengthy trial. He just stared straight ahead. He really, really showed not a whole lot of emotion."

Arsenault flew to Winnipeg — where Pratt is incarcerated — for the hearing, and said she was happy he was denied both day parole and full parole, but said the hearing process had taken a toll on her.

"Just getting on the plane and coming to Winnipeg, it's been just a really hard 24 hours for us," she said.

Pratt will again be eligible for parole in six to eight months, Arsenault said.

For now, she's relieved he remains behind bars. But she wishes he would acknowledge the pain he has caused her family and two others.

"Bradley still can't come home, Thad and Kole still can't come home, and we understand and realize that."

Source: CBC News


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