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Lou Van De Vorst could not hold back the tears as he spoke publicly for the first time about the car crash that ripped his family apart. 

Van De Vorst’s son Jordan, his wife Chanda and their two young children were killed by a crash on Highway 11 last weekend. Police allege the woman who hit them was drunk at the time. 

A teary-eyed Lou Van De Vorst spoke on Jan. 7, 2016 about the deaths of his son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren in a collision earlier in the week near Saskatoon

“No one will know what those two little ones would have accomplished as they grew up,” Lou Van De Vorst, said, pausing and taking a deep breath, “or what Jordan and Chanda would have done if they would have lived a full life. Death is hard enough to deal with after a long life, but to be killed this way is a terrible crime.”

Jordan and Chanda were extracted from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. Their children, five-year-old daughter Kamryn Van De Vorst and two-year-old son Miguire Van De Vorst, died in hospital later. 

“We have lost a large piece of our family, four people who were loved immensely and who loved us equally. We miss them terribly and will not be able to replace them,” Lou Van De Vorst read from a prepared statement outside the provincial courthouse on Thursday. 

Inside the courtroom, the woman accused of killing them, 49-year-old Catherine Loye McKay, made a brief court appearance by video from the Pinegrove Correctional Centre at Prince Albert. McKay wore a purple sweater and looked despondent. Many friends and relatives of the Van De Vorst family who filled the courtroom had tears in their eyes as she appeared.  

McKay is charged with four counts of impaired driving causing death, four counts of dangerous driving causing death and four counts of driving over .08 causing death.

Outside of court, Lou Van De Vorst thanked the RCMP for their investigation, and all the first responders and medical staff who helped in the days after the collision.

“We hope that justice will be served,” he said. 

He also thanked the organ transplant team at the Royal University Hospital. 

“They took great care to ensure that our children and our grandchildren will have a part in improving the life of so many others,” he said. 

A memorial service will be held over the weekend. The family has asked for privacy while grieving. 

Source: The Star Phoenix


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