Over the course of only four hours York Regional Police arrested and charged 10 drivers for alcohol and drug-related offences this past weekend.

The arrests come on the eve of the sentencing hearing for Marco Muzzo, the 29-year-old who pleaded guilty to four counts of impaired driving causing death and two counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm for the accident that killed the three Neville-Lake children and their grandfather.

YRP Constable Andy Pattenden described the number of arrests “shocking” especially considering the impact the Muzzo trial has had on people living in the area.

“It’s just so many,” he said. “Year-round we put messaging out about the dangers of impaired driving, people see the dangers of impaired driving, like the case that’s currently before the courts, the tragedy that can result from drinking and driving has been very publicized, yet it continues to happen.”

The three Neville-Lake children, nine-year-old Daniel, five-year-old Harry and two-year-old Milly, along with their grandfather Gary Neville, died in a three-car collision when Muzzo, who was impaired, crashed his vehicle into their minivan in September.

The children’s grandmother and great-grandmother were also injured in the crash, but survived.

Muzzo was released on $1-million bail, but will surrender into custody on Tuesday.

The hearing is expected to last two to three days, although Justice Michelle Fuerst will most likely take some time before rendering her decision on sentencing.

Impaired driving causing death carries a maximum sentence of life in prison and impaired driving causing bodily harm carries a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.

Muzzo is expected to speak for the first time at the hearing about the crash and the Neville-Lake family will be able to give victim impact statements.

The 10 impaired driving incidences all happened between 11 p.m. on Saturday and 3 a.m. Sunday prompting a press release from York Regional Police calling it a “disappointing weekend.”

Three of the arrests were the result of collisions, five from RIDE checks and patrolling officers and two were the result of calls from concerned citizens.

In another incident, 49-year- Michael King of Richmond Hill was charged with impaired driving and fail to remain after a police investigation into two hit-and-runs where the driver was seen “removing beer from his vehicle” before fleeing on foot in North Oshawa.

The YRP urges drivers to take proactive measures if they’re anticipating drinking including arranging overnight accommodation, having a designated driver or using a cab or public transit.

If a concerned citizen spots an impaired driver they’re asked to call 911 as it is considered a crime in progress.

Source: The Star


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