September 27th, 2015




Drunk driver Marco Muzzo denied parole because he underestimated his issues with alcohol

Drunk driver who killed 3 siblings, grandfather lacks insight into drinking issues: parole board

Mandel: Minimizing his abuse of alcohol, killer driver Marco Muzzo not ready for parole

‘This didn’t happen to you,’ Marco Muzzo denied parole

Parole denied for drunk driver Marco Muzzo who killed 3 siblings, grandfather

Marco Muzzo, convicted drunk driver who killed 4, denied day and full parole

Thousands sign petition demanding 'no parole' for drunk driver who killed 4

Convicted drunk driver Marco Muzzo who killed 4, set for parole hearing on Nov. 7

Killer drunk driver Marco Muzzo could be paroled next month

Three years later: Neville-Lake children remembered

Mom of kids killed in drunk-driving crash asks supporters to write parole board

‘This isn’t fair’: Neville-Lake tragedy reminder of dangers of drinking and driving

‘I don’t know who I am anymore’: Mother of 3 children killed in impaired driving crash describes life after their death

Marco Muzzo can apply for temporary absence from prison

Marco Muzzo, convicted drunk driver who killed 4, eligible for unescorted temporary absence from prison

Mother remembers 3 kids killed by drunk driver Marco Muzzo on 2-year anniversary of crash

Marco Muzzo argues for reduction in $25M lawsuit for drunk-driving case that killed 4

'Trolls' compounding pain for mom who lost three kids to Marco Muzzo's drunk driving

Anniversary of drunk-driving crash that killed Neville-Lake kids

Bittersweet memorial held for Ont. children and grandfather killed by drunk driver

Drunk driver Marco Muzzo gets tough 10-year prison term for fatal crash

Drunk driver Marco Muzzo gets 10 years for crash that killed three Ontario kids and their grandfather

In Marco Muzzo case, what role does wealth play?

LEGAL: Guide on how Muzzo sentencing will likely play out

Marco Muzzo to be sentenced Tuesday for deadly drunk driving crash

Drunk-driving killer Muzzo pleads guilty – to be sentenced March 29

Marco Muzzo offers tearful apology to grieving couple at sentencing hearing

READ: What Marco Muzzo told court at sentencing hearing

Marco Muzzo on crash that killed four: 'I feel ... troubled'

'You killed all my babies,' drunk driver Muzzo told at sentencing

Mom to Marco Muzzo: 'You killed all my babies'

Marco Muzzo sentencing: 'What hope is there when your entire world is gone,' mom says

York has ‘disappointing’ weekend ahead of Marco Muzzo sentencing hearing

Judge in Marco Muzzo sentencing faces ‘difficult’ challenge: Oshawa lawyer

Marco Muzzo granted bail after guilty plea in impaired-driving deaths of 3 children, grandfather

Marco Muzzo guilty plea can't undo the damage

Jennifer Neville-Lake devastated she's not 'a mom anymore'

Marco Muzzo gets bail after pleading guilty in Vaughan crash that killed 3 children, granddad

Ruling could increase Muzzo's sentence

The real reason Marco Muzzo could get off easy

Judge faces tough task in Muzzo case

Muzzo doing right by victims' family with guilty plea

Marco Muzzo to plead guilty in tragic Vaughan crash, lawyer says

Marco Muzzo to plead guilty in fatal collision case

Parents of kids killed in Vaughan crash leave Christmas tree on graves

Bail hearing for driver in deadly Vaughan crash delayed again

‘What did we ever do to you?’ asks mom of Vaughan crash victims

Bail hearing postponed again for man accused in Vaughan, Ont., crash

'They have assisted him': Mother says kids killed in Ont. crash met accused drunk-driver

‘Today is the day we bury my family’: Jennifer Neville-Lake posts heartbreaking video

Mom who lost three kids, father, seeks stiffer sentences for drunk drivers

Paramedics suffer PTSD after crash that killed kids, grandfather: EMS

More than 100 attend visitation for 3 children, grandfather killed in crash

Too early to say if man charged in Vaughan crash will plead not guilty, lawyer says

Suspected drunk driver in crash that killed three kids in Vaughan remanded in custody until bail hearing

Muzzo allegedly drove twice the speed limit before fatal Vaughan crash: police sources

Deadly Crash Highlights Need for Effective Federal Impaired Driving Laws

Mom who lost 3 kids, dad in crash signs drunk driving petition

Muzzo family offers sympathies to victim’s relatives after fatal car crash

‘It was caused by someone’s stupidity’: Parents living ‘nightmare’ after crash that killed three children

Driver took private jet from Vegas stag before crash: Source

'Worst nightmare': Parents speak out after 3 children, grandfather killed in Vaughan crash

Mother of children killed in Vaughan crash says 'it's the worst nightmare'

Suspected drunk driver charged after crash kills 3 kids, grandfather  

Drunk-driving accused is late billionaire's grandson  

Vaughan car crash: Marco Muzzo faces 18 charges after 3 siblings, grandfather killed

3 children among 4 killed after multi-vehicle collision in Vaughan

2 dead, 2 kids with life-threatening injuries following Vaughan crash



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