Police say alcohol is behind a three-vehicle crash that killed a taxi driver and his passenger early Saturday morning.

 “A Cadillac Escalade was (travelling) northbound on Macleod Trail when it went through a red light at 12th Ave. S.E. striking a Toyota Prius (taxi) and a red Honda Civic,” said Sgt. David DenTandt with the Traffic Unit.

Just before 2 a.m., the red Honda civic, travelling eastbound on 12 Ave., was hit by an Escalade running a red.

The Honda and its 64-year-old driver spun counter clockwise 90 degrees, landing 30 metres north of the intersection and onto the west curb on Macleod Trail.

The Escalade then broadsided the passenger’s side of the white 2015 Toyota Prius taxi, also travelling eastbound on 12 Ave.

Both vehicles slid towards the intersection’s northeast corner pushing the driver’s side of the taxi into a lamp post.

EMS declared the driver of the taxi, 46-year-old Amritpal Kharbanda, dead at the scene.

His passenger, 25-year-old Jillian Lavallee, succumbed to her injuries later in hospital.

“The 20-year old driver of the Escalade was arrested by police for impaired driving and was then taken to hospital where he was treated for minor injuries,” said DenTandt.

“There was a 19-year-old male and 21-year-old male passenger of the Escalade that were also treated for their minor injuries.”

Minor injuries were also sustained by the Honda’s driver who was taken to hospital.

“Alcohol is definitely a factor and speed is believed to be a factor, but those specifics are still under investigation,” said DenTandt.

The driver of the Escalade, 20-year-old Ali Alajandro Montoya, was arrested at the scene.

He faces charges of impaired driving causing death, and two counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm.

Additional charges for Lavallee’s death’s are expected to be laid.

Source: Calgary Sun


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