Oct 05, 2014 - TODAY IS BITTER SWEET [Brent Neville]

Brent – all of us keep you close in our heart everyday but today is bitter sweet; you would have celebrated your 30th Birthday today October 5th. You had a bright future Brent and a life to look forward too.

We live under a grey cloud for the rest of our lives but you lost the most Brent – you lost your right to live! Your LIFE was stolen from you because of a drunk driver. We have learned to put the left foot in front of the right and keep going, but the pain never goes away.

We have found a way to bring meaning to your memory and keep our family close and get though the days. People speak of closure all the time and/or moving on – there is NO closure and/or moving on with the loss of a child – How could there be?

People who say this have not had to set the table with one empty setting every day and miss the familiar laugh, voice in the home. Have not lived the nightmare and been pushed into the twilight zone feeling helpless and wanting to crawl out of your skin. I wouldn’t wish this pain put on anyone. 

It is almost 9 years since Brent walked out our door and never came back – time means nothing, the memory is always like yesterday. It will never fade! 

Brent’s siblings have suffered so much with losing their parents to grief and their brother to death. The ripple effect is huge. Really it is like your heart is always bleeding, like having a scab that never heals..... All it takes is a familiar song on the radio, a birthday, an anniversary, special celebrations such as weddings, Christmas, etc and it gushes back because Brent should be here to live his life.

We miss you, we love you to eternity and back and if I could trade my life for you to come back and live your life.... I would in a heartbeat. 

It gives all of us comfort knowing that you loved us and that you knew how much we all loved you. 

Your loving family and friends. Xoxox 


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