The verdict is in for a man accused of drinking and driving in a crash that killed three Beaumont boys, and it’s guilty.

That includes three charges of impaired driving causing death as well as three counts of manslaughter. A stay was entered on three other alcohol-related charges. Johnathan Pratt, 30, stared straight ahead as the verdict was delivered Thursday morning in Wetaskiwin, while family members of the three victims cried and exchanged hugs.

Court heard that Pratt was driving nearly 200 km/h when his truck rear-ended the car near Beaumont in November 2011. Three young men — Bradley Arsenault, Kole Novak, and Thaddeus Lake — all died in the crash.

Bradley’s mother, Sheri Arsenault, says she will never understand why Pratt pleaded not guilty, refusing to take ownership of what he did.

“He knows he did it,” exclaimed Arsenault. “He knew he did it, probably the moment he sobered up and was told about it. I can’t say anything about forgiveness right now, I know right now, or when sentencing comes, any kind of apology might seem hollow to me.”

Arsenault says the apology needed to come 2-and-a-half years ago when the young men were killed.

“It was so horrific, just the fact that he was driving at 200 km/h straight down the road with the pedal to the metal, and there’s no way anybody would survive a 5000 pound truck driving through you.”

Arsenault says the scars will be ripped open again when Pratt is sentenced for his crime on Aug. 1, 2014.

“I want him to learn as much as he could about Bradley, about Kole, about Thad; just so he knows what he took from all of us.”

Source: i880 News


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