Oct 24, 2017 - Our arms are stronger together

I’m asking, actually I'm pleading to all my Facebook friends to sign this E-Petition and share it with all your Facebook friends and contacts.

The previous PC Government tabled a Government Bill C-73 that completely addressed this senseless, avoidable crime with an addition of a mandatory minimum for impaired drivers that cause death/s. Then they lost the election. That one piece was completely taken out by the Liberal Government when they came into power and introduced their own Bill.

When the PC’s made these amendments in the name of public safety, and the seriousness of this crime in their own Private Members Bill (Bill C-226) and when they tried to amend the Current Bill (C-46), both times voted down by the Liberals. Two separate attempts. I was in Ottawa twice testifying before the Justice Committee regarding stiffer sentences for impaired drivers that cause death/s and both times the Liberal Government voted this down with no valid reasons.

Our current government, the Liberals, perceives these deaths as an accident and therefore believe sentences do not need to commensurate with other crimes that cause death. That is hard to understand. The mandatory minimum sentence for “Impaired Driving Causing Deaths” remains at $1000 as per our Liberal government.

As the 6th year with out our Bradley approaches, our hearts are still breaking and I expect that to never change. Our community will always mourn the loss of Brad, Kole and Thad. Over the last 2 years I have been working with PC MP Michael Cooper. And he has taken this mission to next level and that gives me great hope. Over the past 5 years I have met with so many politicians, public officials, Police, RCMP, provincially and federally who all back up that stiffer sentences to impaired drivers that cause death needs to be put in place. A sentence that reflects accountability, a sense of justice to victim families and the general public and most of all, deterrence.

MP Michael Cooper (Justice Critic) will take this to the Senate where they can add the amendments but in the meantime, it’s imperative to show our current Government that Canadians feel the sentences handed out right now are a joke considering such seriousness, loss of life.

Every one of us, all our loved ones, we are all sitting ducks for the next tragedy. MP Michael Cooper is standing on this “Hill”

The greatest gift you could give me and all victims of this crime is by signing and sharing and imploring others.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you,

Sheri Arsenault

~Brad’s mom~





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