Nov 21, 2016 - The music lives on!

Cannot ever say enough about the "Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation"

“As we approach the 5th year without Thaddeus we are so very encouraged by the work of the foundation in advancing Thad's dreams. 
Currently we have 3 music teachers active with the Boys and Girls club members teaching piano and guitar lessons. A full set of "rock" instruments were sent over to the club for group jam sessions and allowing introduction to the musical arts.

We have provided instruments and funding to multiple young students who had a need for support.

The foundation continues to sponsor awards at the Leduc 
Music Festival and has funded many school students to ensure they can accompany their school band mates on the music field trips.

Amazing support has been received from Long and McQuade, Turner Guitar Studios, Triple J Signs and Decals and those are just some of the businesses shoring up the foundation.

We appreciate all of the support the foundation gets from individuals, businesses and the community as whole. Your gifts, encouragement and kind thoughts are what maintains the energy used in operating the foundation.

Thank you all.”


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